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Mar 9, 2020

Trek fan Courtney comes on the pod and we open that Impossible Box. Turns out that box is full of Captain Rios and Agnes kisses, very short phone conversations with your mother and a dash of radioactive gas.

Courtney also tells us her favourite scene from a Start Trek movie that includes a bus, a boom box and a Vulcan...

Mar 1, 2020

Picard and crew finally make it to Freecloud. Ed returns as our Trek Expert to review this action packed episode full of pimp hats, Borg bits and the not so sweet Agnes, who was busy kissing and killing.

And Andrea was so distracted/transfixed by the lovely Seven that she wrote and sang another song.

Feb 21, 2020

This episode we are joined by Trek expert Rob. We have absolute  candor about Samurai Legolas, the ancient Borg ritual of sock sliding and Picard's transformation into a grumpy old man that yells at waiters/clouds. 


Feb 14, 2020

We are joined by Trek expert Lasia and this episode it's all about love. We swoon over Captain Rios, discuss what characters we'd like to see in a Picard Fanfiction and Narek is exposed for stealing lines from The Bachelor. 



Feb 6, 2020

Picard takes us on quite the journey in "Maps and Legends", luckily we have Trek fan/our friend Montse to show us the way. 

In this episode it's all about the Romulans. We got Romulan secret police with a secret that can break minds, a sexy Romulan giving us pillow talk and telenovela level drama between a sister and...